desert walk

I wanted to paint a short quick little comic about desert hiking, and it ended up being a 20 page zine about trauma recovery and…desert hiking.

(content warning: trauma/assault recovery)

Paul Bunyan Muffler Men statues

It is possible that all the very nice people who have given me “make comics about what you love” advice were not informed of my obsession over Paul Bunyan statues and Bunyan muffler man variants. There’ll be a whole lot more of this coming up.

New Haven, CT

I’ll get back to comics soon. For now, here is a sketch of the stacks at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale.

Hanover, NH

I spoke on a panel at Dartmouth College a couple days ago, as well as ran a zine workshop. New England tends to feels a bit itchy to me – something about the mix of colonial revival architecture and spring pollen and in Hanover, the somewhat overbearing J. Crew sort of whiteness. It is beautiful, though, and I had a very intimidating cruller french toast at Lou’s.

Blue Mesa

I’m still fairly buried under the last round of edits for my Route 66 book(but you’ll be able to read 160 pages of travel adventures sooooon…well, much later this year, or early 2018). But here’s a painting of the Blue Mesa formation at the Petrified Forest National Park, as well as Bug’s first visit to my favourite national park.

Muffler Men – IL

I’m still chugging away on my Route 66 book, but here are a couple of pages from it! I love Muffler Men(especially the Paul Bunyan variant), and Illinois has several of them along Route 66!

Hourly Comics Day

Hey, ever wondered what my day looks like when I’m not travelling? Well, I participated in Hourly Comics Day, where us cartoonists try to draw what we’re doing every single hour we’re awake! Here’s mine(it was February 1st).